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The Perris Auto Speedway, Toro Wapo Arena Event Center and Family A Fair Concessions need help from our community. We need to stand together and insist that state Bureaucrats follow the law and behave responsibly. We aren’t going anywhere!

-- The Lake Perris Fairgrounds is our community’s treasured resource. The small businesses operating here bring world-class entertainment to this area. We create jobs and pump money into the local economy.

-- Since 2013 the state Dept. of Water Resources (DWR) has been planning the Lake Perris Emergency Release Facility (ERF) project that provides improvements to the reservoir. It will also include roadway improvements and the relocation of utilities. DWR has made a mockery of the process.

-- DWR is projecting the project will take 8 to 9 years to complete. But in 2018, it was projected to take 3 years to complete. This will create traffic jams, dust and parking restrictions. But we are willing to find workarounds so that we can stay at the fairgrounds.

-- Despite all of this, until 2020, DWR refused to speak with these small businesses at the fairgrounds to mitigate the impacts on our ability to survive during this construction. At the end of 2020, DWR did finally speak with us, doing so only after the threat of community outrage and a warning of litigation got them to do so.

-- In 2021 DWR breached every promise, and went right back to ignoring us. Left with no other choice, we were forced to take legal action against the state in December 2021. That’s when the situation escalated. The state bureaucrats began a retaliatory campaign of harassment, trying to force these businesses into bankruptcy. State inspectors began red-tagging things previously inspected and approved for up to decades. This has led to incredibly expensive and unnecessary changes costing the businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fairgrounds itself has also come under assault by these out-of-control bureaucrats.

Please, speak up now! Encourage local elected officials to act! Especially, let the Governor know what is happening to your community. Call the Governor’s Office (916) 445-2841 and ask them to help save the Perris Auto Speedway, Toro Wapo Arena Event Center and Family A Fair Concessions on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds from the Lake Perris Department of Water Resources Emergency Release Facility construction project. If Governor Newsom cares about small business and the Latino Community as he says he does, then he needs to help us and he needs to help us now!

Governor Gavin Newsom Phone: (916) 445-2841

State Senator Richard Roth (951) 680-6750

Assembly Member Jose Medina (951)369-6644

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt (951) 955-1050