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Oval Nationals Campground Information Sheet

The Lake Perris Fairgrounds will be allowing camping on the Fairgrounds for the
race fans and race teams during the running of the 24th Budweiser Oval Nationals
Presented by All Coast Construction.

• The campground will be located outside of turn one behind Harrison Hall including the pavement area towards the south. The entrance and exit to the campground will be through the Arch south of the Sports Pavilion. Please review Exhibit “A” for the campground boundaries.

• The campground opens at 12:00 pm on November 6, 2019. This is the only area provided for camping for this event and it is available on a first come basis. Please do not camp anywhere on the Fairgrounds prior to November 6, 2019.

• This is “DRY CAMPING” only. However, there are a limited amount of power plugs within the campground. If you choose to hook into one of the plugs you will be charged a “Utility Fee” for the use of the Fairgrounds electricity.

• All gray and waste water must be contained in your RV. Do not dispose of any gray or waste water into any sewer manhole or cleanout on the Fairgrounds.

• There are restrooms located within the campground. There are no shower facilities.

• Please place all your trash in one of the trash cans throughout the campground.

• Access to the racetrack when the front and back gates are not open will be through the gate near the restrooms and the pit gate. This gate will be locked one hour prior to the pit gate opening.

• While the racetrack is open for the event, access to the grandstand area will be through the front gate only, between the ticket booths. Access to the pits while the pit gate is open will be down the normal pit parking alley way.

• The gates between the campground and pit area by the restrooms will be locked during the event. Anyone caught cutting locks on any gate will be escorted out of the facility.

• The gate between the campground and grandstand area will be closed and locked one hour before the front gate opens. Anyone caught penetrating this fence line will be escorted out of the Fairgrounds.

• There is a 5 MPH speed limit for all VEHICLES on the Fairgrounds.

• Our “NO RE-ENTY POLICY” applies to the campers that enter the front gate. Please bring all your blankets and jackets with you when you enter the facility.

• The campground will close at 12:00 pm (noon) on Sunday November 10, 2019. You must vacate the Fairgrounds by then. Please plan ahead to abide by this closure so our crew can clean up the campground area.

Camping Fees

• The nightly fee to camp on the Fairgrounds is $25.00 per night.

• If you plug your RV into one of the electrical outlets the Utility Fee will be $25.00 during the event. This fee is a onetime charge whether you stay one night or all four nights.

The PAS Management would like to thank you for being a part of this event. While you are staying with us please respect your fellow campers. Even though there is no curfew, if your fellow campers are sleeping minimize the amount of outdoor noise to you own camping space.