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08.27.16: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
08.27.16: PAS Young Gun Sprint Cars
08.27.16: PAS Senior Sprint Cars
07.04.16: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
06.04.16: PASSCAR Super Stocks
06.04.16: PASSCAR Street Stocks
06.04.16: PASSCAR American Factory Stocks
06.04.16: IMCA Modifieds
02.20.16: PASSCAR Super Stocks
02.20.16: PASSCAR Street Stocks
02.20.16: Modifieds
02.20.16: PASSCAR American Factory Stocks
11.26.15: USAC National & Western States Midgets
11.06.14: USAC West Coast & SouthWest Sprint Cars
2013 PASSCAR Stock Cars & Modiifeds Part 1
2013 PASSCAR Stock Cars & Modiifeds Part 2
11.03.12: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
05.22.10: ASCS Canyon Sprint Cars
11.28.09: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
11.01.08: USAC National & USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
04.12.08: PASSCAR Extreme Late Models
11.03.07: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
11.03.07: USAC National Sprint Cars
07.04.07: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
11.04.06: USAC National & USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
08.19.06: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
01.22.05: PAS Practice
03.06.04: USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
11.15.03: SCRA Sprint Cars
04.26.03: SCRA Sprint Cars
04.12.03: California Lightning Sprints
02.23.03: World of Outlaws Sprint Cars
02.08.03: VRA Sprint Cars
03.09.02: SCRA Sprint Cars
02.16.02: PASSCAR Stock Cars & Champ Trucks
02.09.02: SCRA Sprint Cars
11.03.01: SCRA Sprint Cars
09.15.01: PASSCAR Stock Cars & Figure 8s
05.27.01: SCRA Sprint Cars
02.17.01: SCRA Sprint Cars