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“Southern California’s Home to Major League Sprint Car Racing”
2022 Senior Sprint Cars
  Driver Age – 40 years old and older

This is a Non Sanctioned Open Class – Engine must be 360 cubic inches cast iron block, fuel injected or normally aspirated. No gaskets or restrictors needed. Engines exceeding 360 ci. with a maximum of 410 ci. except for Shwenke Spec. 377 will be required to run inlet Restrictors (installed at the top of the injectors) of 1 and 7/8 inch. This is “Old School” – “Run Watcha Brung” Sprint Car racing! No weight rule! No Tire Rule! Should the restricted 410 ci engine have a distinct advantage, PAS Management will institute either a weight rule or tire rule or both (for cars with a restricted 410) in order to insure all cars are competitive.

All cars will Pill Draw for starting positions in your Heat Race.

Heat Races will be 8 laps.

Main Event will be 20 Laps. The inversion for the Main Event will be decided by the winner of the first heat race spinning the inversion wheel. The inversion will be from straight up to a full field inversion.

This is a “TROPHY ONLY” Division! The top three will be awarded Trophies. Pit Passes are $50.00.


1. In an effort to minimize yellow flag laps and thus speed the show up for the participants and more importantly the race fans, all PASSCAR Drivers must have a one-way radio raceiver or radio set to the race/scoring frequency (464.5500).

2. The radios will be used strictly for line-ups and general information from the Scorer's and Race Director only.

3. Radios are to be provided by the Driver.

4. Drivers will not be permitted on the track without a radio and it must be on.

5. If a radio is found to have 2 way communications, the car and Driver will suspended for two races and the Driver will be fined $250.00. The fine must be paid in full prior to participating in their next event.

Championship Points will be accumulated over the year and an Overall “Perris Auto Speedway Senior Sprint Car Champion” will receive a Championship Award. For more information call the office at (951) 940-0134.


All Championship Points follow the Driver only.

1 - 60
2 - 57
3 - 54
4 - 51
5 - 48
6 - 45
7 - 42
8 - 39
9 - 36
10 - 33
11 - 31
12 - 29
13 - 27
14 - 25
15 - 23
16 - 21
17 - 19
18 - 17
19 - 15
20 - 13
  The Heat Race winner will receive 5 bonus points, second place will receive 3 points and third place will receive 1 point.